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aaa Auto Parts

aaa Auto Parts in Minnesota

Best cloud mining sites without investment zy – Profitable Owners: Chris Anderson, Pete Anderson, and Amy Schulz

How many acres do you occupy? 60 acres on 2 sites (headquarters in Rosemount, MN with 2nd location in East Bethel, MN)

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 1500

Number of dismantling bays: 6

Number of employees: 8 in Sales; 9 inside and 5 outside in Production; 7 drivers; 1 QC; 3 warehouse; 3 shipping and receiving LTL freight and common carriers

Company history: Business began in 1983. aaa auto parts is located just outside the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and has been in business for 33 years. Jerry Anderson founded aaa Auto Salvage in 1983 with a few vehicles left over from his father’s auto body repair shop (Phil’s Auto Body). In 2008; Jerry’s son Pete Anderson, his daughter Amy Schulz, along with Jerry’s nephew Chris Anderson, took over, modified the name slightly to aaa auto parts, and began our second generation of ownership. aaa is the sales outlet for reconditioned wheels produced by the A-Condition Wheel Company. ACW reconditions aluminum wheels on site at our Rosemount facility.

How long have you been a Team PRP member? 24 months in February

Industry affiliations: URG, ARA, ARM

What’s special about your company?“Our Minnesota winters! The cold and snow not only brings us a busy crash season, but difficult working conditions for our staff. We believe that we have a great staff that works hard and efficiently in each of the four seasons in Minnesota. When the temperature range can be -50*F in the winters to 100*F in our humid summers, they do their best to keep our growing family business a viable workplace for 53 employees and counting. A quality recycled part is ‘accurately described, not perfect.’ We strive to deliver those quality recycled parts to all of our customers. We are in our Team PRP infancy and have experienced nothing but outstanding benefits since joining PRP in February 2015! Thanks to all the members for the support and business relationships you have provided.”


Automotive Parts Solutions

Automotive Parts Solutions in St. Cloud, MN

Cloud mining sites 2018 pro – Reliably Owners: Aaron Miller and Jason Miller

How many acres do you occupy? 15 acres

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 1200

Number of dismantling bays: 3

Number of employees: 5 in Sales; 10 in Production; 4 Delivery drivers/others

Company history: Business began in 1999

How long have you been a Team PRP member? 10 years

Industry affiliations: URG, ARA, RPEP, ARM

What’s special about your company? “We excel at providing quality parts on time, as promised. Our customers can depend on us for consistent quality, professionalism and service. We ship over 50% of our parts, nationwide, mechanical, sheet metal or glass we can get it to you as described and on time. We were one of the first URG 8000 Certified auto recyclers in the United States and have built our organization on these best practices.”


Bessler Auto Parts
Bessler Auto Parts in Louisville & Wilder, Kentucky and Columbus & Canton, Ohio

Owners: Joe Bessler

How many acres do you occupy? 14 acres for our full serve; 20 acres for our u-pull operation

Cloud mining hash calculator canon – Fast Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 3500

Number of dismantling bays: 12

Number of employees: 11 in Sales; 15 in Production; 28 Delivery drivers/others

Company history: Business began in 1985

How long have you been a Team PRP member? 7 years

Industry affiliations: Joe and Tom Bessler are both past members of the board for Team PRP and John Bessler is a current member of the board. Tom is currently a member of the PRP Training Committee. Both Joe and Tom have both served on the board for URG in the past. Joe has participated with ARA, dealing with governmental regulation, and has been to Washington D.C. on several occasions. John also served as a regional representative for ARA.

What’s special about your company? “Bessler Auto Parts is a family-owned and -operated company, that has always been on the leading edge of change within the auto recycling industry. The Bessler family takes pride in the industry, and our success, within an ever-changing business. Bessler Auto Parts lives by the rule that we trust our partners and customers, and their success is our success. Treat others the way you want to be treated is the Golden Rule, and this is a rule that the Bessler family does their absolute best to live by.”


Bishop's Auto Parts
Bishops Auto Parts in Middletown, CT

Owners: Dick & Sharron Bishop

How many acres do you occupy? 14 acres

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 1300

Number of dismantling bays: 3

Number of employees: 4 in Sales; 9 in Production; 6 delivery drivers/others

Company history: Founded in 1969, Bishops is second-generation business, and all family members have remained involved in the business.

How long have you been a Team PRP member? Since 2013

Industry affiliations: ARA, ARA CT, Gold Seal, URG

Cloud mining bitcoin forum models – Reliably What’s special about your company? “Over the last 3 years Bishops has transformed into one of the leading recyclers in New England. We have tripled our number of units processed and increased our brokering from 3% to 35% of our sales. We owe most of success to being a part of Team PRP and living up to the standards of the group’s policies. We look forward to our Team PRP trucking program and all of the opportunities it brings.”


A&P Auto Parts Cloud mining vs gpu mining beach – Fast
A&P Auto Parts and A&P Auto Parts Rochester

Owners: A&P Auto Parts, Billy Abold; A&P Auto Parts Rochester, Billy Abold and Pat Abold (brother). Billy Abold’s wife and two daughters also work in the business (Cicero location)

How many acres do you occupy? Cicero a��14 acres; Rochester a�� 52 acres

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 2400

Number of dismantling bays: 7

Number of employees: 5 in Sales; 15 in Production; 10 others

Company history: Founded in 1969, A&P is second-generation business. It was begun by Bill and Kathy Abold; along with their business partners, John and Paulene Pawklicki, they began selling used car parts and establishing trustworthy shops, car lots and recycling facilities in Cicero, NY. With their automotive experience, they “righted what was wrong in the car world every chance they got.” Benefiting the health of the environment and wallets of consumers, A&P took green initiatives to supply vehicle owners with quality green used auto parts.

How long have you been a Team PRP member? Since 2001

Industry affiliations: ARA, ARA-NY (William Abold) and URG

What’s special about your company? We are a proud PRP member with a Team of 36 employee’s reaching for the same goals. Our companies have a strong focus from very involved hands-on owners who seek continued education from our industry, follow and lead industry trends, and industry technology.


JC Auto & Truck Parts
JC Auto & Truck Parts in Monroe City, Missouri

Owners: JC and Hazel Shoemyer. Son Chris, daughter-in-law Lynnie, and grandson Chandler also involved in business

How many acres do you occupy? 35

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 1500

Number of dismantling bays: 5a��-soon to be 7.

Number of employees: 9 in Sales; 13 in Production; 19 Delivery drivers/others.

Company history: In 1960, J.C. Shoemyer and his wife Hazel established J.C. Paint and Body Shop and had one part-time employee. JC’s outstanding reputation for quality work was second to none. An original shop became too small, and in 1970, a new facility was built. The new facility had a body shop on one side and a mechanics shop on the other. With the larger facility, there was space for the salvage yard. In addition to maintaining a clean and orderly facility, new buildings were built and existing buildings were enlarged.

Mining calculator cloud mining pool – Reliably How long have you been a Team PRP member? 5 years (approx.), since Team PRP and QRP Midwest merged.

Industry affiliations: ARA Gold Seal, URG 8000, ASA, and I-Car.

What’s special about your company? What differentiates you from the rest of the industry? We are located in a rural community of 2500 people and run 12 daily delivery routes to a 200-mile radius of the yard. We also operate a full-service collision center, automotive repair shop and towing, Parts City hard parts store, aftermarket sheet metal division, a full-service PB&E business, as well as a used car department.


brandywine automotive centers
Brandywine Automotive Centers in Brandywine, MD (with additional MD locations)

Owner: The Meinhardt Family.

Facility Size: With 12 locations totaling 250 acres, we process approximately 5500 vehicles annually using 18 dismantling bays. We install about 500 engines and 560 transmissions plus about 1000 windshields annuallya��along with countless other small parts at our installation and service shops.

Employees: We have 170 hard-working employees that care about our customers. Many have been here 30+ years.

Company history: In June of 1927, Henry Alvin Meinhardt Sr started a small company to serve the community with its automotive needs, called Brandywine Garage. It was a small service station, and it also handled auto body repairs and some towing. As his business grew, so did the need of used parts during the metal shortage during WWII, so he upgraded from a tiny garage to a 15-acre farm where he would store cars for those who wanted used parts. Nearly 30 years later, Mr. Meinhardt turned the business over to his two sons, Walter and Alvin. The two sons took over, doing body and mechanical work as well. Brandywine is now owned and operated by Walter and Alvin’s sons, and they are well into the fourth generation of family working for the company.

What’s special about your company, what differentiates you from the rest of the industry? With 12 locations including our Installations and Service Departments, we are one of the largest family-owned and -operated recyclers in Maryland.

How have you grown over the years? In 2005, we added our Installation Division which handles the installation of all the parts we sell, from engine and transmissions to windshield and mirrors

How long have you been a Team PRP member? 3 years.

Industry associations/affiliations: URG, ARA, Team PRP.


Cloud mining pantip in – Reliably Contact: Cylinda Middleton, [email protected]; (301) 372-1111 direct number for Team PRP orders.

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G & R Auto Parts in Oklahoma City, OK
Owner: Alan Greene (father), Julie Malicott and Greg Greene (Alan’s daughter and son).

Facility Size: Through the leadership of the company operator, Alan Greene, their original 1,200-square-foot building on 11 acres has transformed into a 26,700-square-foot state-of-the-art recycling center. G & R has always taken a proactive “green” approach to the facility, and having a closed loop water recycling system helps to achieve this by reducing water usage and eliminate waste water from polluting the ground.

Employees: “G & R is very proud of the safe and secure work environment provided to our employees, and, in return, their loyalty and dependability speaks volumes. Our employees are the backbone of our company, so we take care of them by paying their full health insurance, retirement benefits and profit sharing.”

Company history: Founded in 1956 by Lawrence Greene, G & R is now operated by co-owners and siblings, Julie Malicott and Greg Greene, along with their father, Alan Greene. This successful third-generation business has given its customers quality used auto parts for 60 years and, along the way, has grown into a nationally recognized recycling facility.

What’s special about your company, what differentiates you from the rest of the industry? G & R continually strives for higher standards to set it apart from other recyclers. G & R is one of two recyclers in Oklahoma to be a CAR Gold Seal member. This program recognizes G & R nationally as an elite competitor of the industry, by committing to its highest standards. Regular attendance with Team PRP Profit Team meetings have helped in areas of the business that need refocus for profitability, while benchmarking against other yards in the industry nationwide. G & R is very proud to announce the celebration of their 60th year in business.

How have you grown over the years? G & R has continually worked to improve and modernize the business. Future goals for G & R include the expansion of its current facility with continued growth in production, service, and quality. G & R takes pride in maintaining its business practices with the highest integrity and is dedicated to remaining a pioneer in the recycling industry

Charitable Activities: Vehicles are picked up for several different charities, cars are supplied for Car Bash fundraisers for schools and churches, and vehicles are supplied for onsite training for firefighters to practice life-saving techniques.

Industry associations/affiliations: Member of Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) for over 40 years, in which Alan Greene served as Regional Director for several years; Member of VRG Automotive; South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce member; Team PRP partner.

Website: http://

Modern Imports & American
Owner: Eben Shantz

Facility Size: We process 2200 vehicles on four acres with six dismantling bays, and we have another 2-acre facility that just stores B-grade and repairable vehicles. Our sales building is an old solid brick hide and tallow processing facility. Even with giving the facility the benefit of the doubt, nothing here is much to look at, but everything has been tooled to be as functional and efficient as possible.

Employees: 25 employees including six dismantlers, four salesmen, three shippers, two parts pullers, and one delivery driver, plus a contracted company to help with overflow.

Company history: My great-grandfather (Benjamin Loyd Shantz) started Modern Auto Parts in 1924, making me a fourth-generation owner. My grandfather, Robert Loyd Shantz, in 1945, had just come back from being a paratrooper pilot in WWII when Benjamin suddenly passed, leaving Robert with a sizable company and a slew of relatives working there. In the late 50s, the highways forced the business to close; however, four years later, Robert was prodded into re-opening on a lot closer to the county, with two employees. By this point in time, his son and daughter, Loyd Shantz and Carol Shantz (Roedder), would be helping at the yard on and off with anything and everything. They both went to college and got degrees. For Loyd, there was no escape at this point (early 70s), as he didn’t much like the idea of working a crappy corporate job like his friends all had. Carol followed him to the business a few years later.

Much change, strife, and growth happened over the next three decades, which brings things to me. Just like them, while growing up, I had always been around the business, but never groomed to be the almighty heir. I went away to college, got that degree, and lived that corporate job/life that my father never did . . . all to learn the same thing he knew before even doing it! Bringing back to the business my experiences in 2009, I purchased the business from Loyd and Carol in 2013. They are no longer involved in any part of the business, however, I believe they are still catching up on the vacation days they are owed!

It’s a long story, but I’m proud that we can show off the resiliency of this business after almost 100 years after its founding.

Top 10 cloud mining sites new – Reliably What’s special about your company, what differentiates you from the rest of the industry? Using technology to gain efficienciesa��anywhere and everywhere. Some positions have completely custom-built software, and I see that continuing to help the business as it grows. Since we are five miles south of the arch in a heavily populated area, we have been using social media outlets like Facebook and free online posting services like Craigslist to advertise our parts to local customers who normally wouldn’t be purchasing from an auto recycling facility. Our business model has always been “a country yard in a city location,” so we strive to service all types of customers with quality Team PRP parts, whether we have them in stock or not!

How have you grown over the years? After I purchased the company in 2013, it became clear to me that our business model had worked for years, but because of the continued squeezed margins everyone was experiencing, we would have to grow to survive. At that point in time, we were processing 1500 cars with four dismantlers. After three years of healthy growth, we have once again maxed out the facility and look forward to doing it all over again!

Industry associations/affiliations: ARA, URG, MATR

Team PRP membership: We have been a part of Team PRP since the very beginning. The short story is that in early 2000s, a few yards (American Auto Salvage, Bionic, Midway, and Knox) would swap a simple trailer back and forth using our location as a “hub” of sorts. It was a primitive system, but served as a fantastic proof of concept to what would later happen.


Best Salvage was founded in 1987 by Bill Janssen and Mike Best, as a joint venture to be the best in Tucson. The business model began as a hybrid full/self-service yard, affectionately known as the “Wild West” by their loyal customers. Bill and Mike often worked twelve hours a day, six days a week to keep the business running. Leading the yard to be full of life, laughter, and customers.

Bill’s sons, Matthew and Justin Skidmore, were brought up learning the business. In 1994, the father-son team purchased Mike’s partnership; beginning the new generation of a full-service, family owned and operated business. At this time, the business had a small office and few employees operating on 10 acres of land. This was the opportunity the yard needed to become what it is today.

Over the years, Best Salvage changed with the industry and has grown to become the biggest yard in Tucson. The business is still owned by the father-son team and operates on the original 10 acres of land; expanding its office size and equipping the yard with 19 employees, to run smoothly. We now process over 600 cars a year with five salespeople, seven productions workers, one full time buyer, two full-time delivery drivers, two administrative staffers, with an assistant manager and general manager overseeing the everyday functions.

Best Salvage attributes its success to an excellent warranty program, quality parts, extensive inventory, and exceptional customer service. Being a member of Team PRP for over three and half years, we strive to provide our customers and partners with quality and promptness. We are also associated with Arizona Auto Recyclers Association and United Recyclers Group.

We are proud to be actively involved in the community; hosting food drives for local food banks, donating to local charities, and providing cars to the military and fire department for training. Best Salvage believes being invested in the community demonstrates responsibility and accountability, as well as helping the community strive.

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