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Ace Auto Recyclers, Inc.ace auto recyclers logo

Location: Iowa City, IA

Owners: Joel McCaw and Jason Hilsman

Number of acres: 14

Number of vehicles: 450 parts cars, 3,000 crusher cars

Number of dismantling bays: 2

Number of employees: 16

How long have you been a Team PRP member? 2 years, 3 months

Industry affiliations: URG, IAR, ARA, I-CARE

Ace Auto is a second generation owned salvage facility. Denny McCaw and Don Hilsman started the company in Homestead, Iowa in 1973. Ace Auto moved to its current location, Iowa City, in 1980. Joel McCaw and Jason Hilsman bought the company in 2009 from their fathers.

Ace Auto specializes in high-quality replacement transmissions, engines, mechanical parts and auto body parts for foreign and domestic vehicles. The facility also processes roughly 3,000 plus crusher cars a year.

Ace Auto was approached by Team PRP in 2016 to become a member. This was a game changer for Ace Auto. Becoming a member of Team PRP increased sales immediately and helped us refocus on buying inventory, selling parts, and brokering parts. Being a part of Team PRP, and being surrounded by industry leaders, has taught us—and continues to teach us—about being successful in our industry.

Our employees are a special part of our business. Four of our employees have been with us for 10+ years, and one has started his thirtieth year. Five of our employees have been with us 5+ years. Their experience and expertise allow us to be successful and to be a part of Team PRP. Having knowledgeable employees creates a better customer experience, which affects the bottom line.

Being a part of Team PRP also allows our sales team to acquire top-quality auto parts, which in turn has raised our customers’ satisfaction. Our success is built around our high-quality employees working together.


Team PRP Partner Spotlight


Bionic Auto Parts & Sales Inc.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Owners: John, Tony, Anthony, John Jr. Catalano

Company history: Bionic Auto Parts & Sales Inc. was started in 1977 by owners Frank John, Tony, & Jerry Catalano on 3 acres with a small trailer and no warehouse or processing area. We have now grown into a 15-acre facility with over 65,000 square feet of warehouse and large processing area. We have been at the same location in the heart of Chicago for over 40 years. We are truly the largest full-service auto recycling facility in the City of Chicago, just 15 minutes from downtown.
We are a third generation family-owned and operated facility, with the third generation, Anthony & John Jr Catalano, in key management ownership positions within the business. We are

Number of vehicles processed annually We process up to 2400 automobiles or more per year.

Number of dismantling bays: 4

Number of employees: We are super proud of our support team consisting of 43 of the most knowledgeable and hard working employees in the industry.

How long have you been a Team PRP member: We proud to be an original founding member of Team PRP.

Industry affiliations: PRP, ARA, URG, ATRI, ASPI, BBB, Gold Seal, & IL Green Car.

What’s special about your company? Bionic Auto Parts and Sales, Inc. is continuously striving to assure our customers are receiving the best possible products and services we can provide. We have many long-term key employees that have helped us grow and succeed over the years. We treat them as we would want to be treated. Our employees are a major part of our success.

We supply our premium recycled auto parts to collision shops, repair garages, and retail customers. We also provide insurance companies with the pricing of parts for estimates. We carry a full line of remanufactured engines and other new or aftermarket products. We purchase fresh inventory every day. This inventory is generally late model domestic and foreign and includes light trucks and vans. Our vehicles are purchased from the highest quality sources.

Our facility is located in the center of Chicago, Illinois, provides access to all expressways. We deliver in Chicago, Milwaukee, and the metro areas. We ship all over the country and worldwide. We offer standard and extended warranties on all parts. We are also an original Team PRP partner.

We would like to encourage all Team PRP members to reach out and give us a try. We have a very high-quality inventory, cleaned, inspected, and shipped out on time. I would like to take the time to thank you for your business and we look forward to providing you with our Premium Recycled Parts.



ABC Auto parts


Owners: Joan and Mark Brown in a 50/50 split.

Company history: Brown’s Auto Salvage was started in 1976 by Mark Brown and his father Roger. After his father’s death, Mark ran the company by himself until he met his future wife Joan. He was fortunate to meet her, a business major at Castleton State College, because he was, at the time, managing his money by simply just stuffing it into a trick or treater’s plastic pumpkin.

Over the years, they bought more property around the site until it encompassed the full 14 acres.

Oddly enough, their property is a rough circle due to an undeeded Civil War era cemetery in the middle of the salvage yard! Originally, the cemetery occupied four acres of forested land.

In the early 2000s, though, we came up with a plan to minimize the area that was lost to the cemetery. We invited a team from Harvard University to come to survey the grave sites with ground-penetrating radar. Fortunately, they found that the actual grave sites only occupied one acre. We were able to make a deal with the town to claim the area with no graves in exchange for us maintaining the cemetery. We cleared the trees, planted grass, and restored the graves to the best of our ability, leaving a relatively beautiful cemetery considering the years of neglect.

The company continued to grow but remained modest because of Joan’s and Mark’s main passion at the timea��their family. Both were incredibly active in their kids’ lives, coaching sports teams and chaperoning field trips. After both of them (Emily and Matt) were out of high school though, they began to turn things up.

In the late 2000s, they began to build a new building and several additions to create a truly modern recycling facility. In 2013, their son Matt graduated from the University of Vermont and came on full-time as a car buyer. It was around this time that Brown’s was becoming more active in Team PRP and we began actively growing the business.

By the end of 2017, the business had roughly doubled in size, with Matt being made General Manager and his sister Emily deciding the join the business as well.

With the support of our Team PRP partners, it appears that we will continue the growth we have experienced in the past well into the future!

How many acres do you occupy? 14 acres.

Number of vehicles processed annually: 1700

Number of dismantling bays: We have four bays but are in the permitting process for a new addition that will have six bays.

Number of employees: We have 32 full-time employees and a handful of high school guys who either come before school to help unload the overnight Team PRP truck or after school to help prep the next night’s Team PRP truck.

How long have you been a Team PRP member? Since 2012

Industry affiliations: ARA member, Gold Seal Member, URG member, leader of the Vermont ARA.

What’s special about your company? We have the best salvage facility in the country because we operate on the principle that there are three stakeholders in any company: the customers, the employees, and the owners. We have found that if the owners keep the primary concern the customers, and the secondary concern the employees, the owners will always be fine and the business grows. We have 100% trust in our employees and managers and always keep in mind that we would be unemployed without them.



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ABC Auto parts

ABC Auto Parts in Riverdale, Illinois

ABC Auto Parts, a fourth-generation business that opened in 1936, continues to flourish today under the experienced leadership of the Watson familya��Jim Jr./Scrap; Jim III/General Manager; Mary Anne/CFO; Joseph/Business Development; Megan/Buyer; and Michael/Sales. Additionally, ABC employs more than 40 staff members including six salespeople.

Jim Watson III is an ARA and Auto & Truck Recyclers of Illinois (ATRI) past president and is currently a board member of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois (AASPI). He also serves on the advisory board for the automotive Technology Department of Prairie State College. Joseph Watson is an ATRI past president and is still active on the board of directors.

With seven dismantling bays, the facility focuses primarily on vehicles that are three to eight years in age. They are Gold Seal certified, Illinois Green Car and ASE Parts Specialists.

Their commitment to high-quality, customer-centered standards has made ABC an exceptional fit with the Team PRP organization. As their brochure states, “We recognized that Team PRP members were the leading auto recyclers in the nation and we wanted them to be both our customers and vendors. What better way to grow than to embrace the highest level of performance and you have our commitment that we will exceed Team PRP’s guidelines at every level of our organization.”

Prompted, in part, by the new Team PRP Operations Guide, ABC decided to revamp their quality assurance program, upgrading from a 3-step quality control process to a 5-step quality assurance process. “The difference is that quality control focuses on the specific part being worked on or shipped. It is good because the part is inspected or tested three times to make sure it meets standards,” confirmed Avi Pelc, Team PRP Projects Consultant. “By comparison, a Quality Assurance program is process-focused by placing the responsibility for ensuring that the part is good on anyone and everyone from the moment the vehicle is purchased and inventoried to the point where the part is delivered.”

Specifically, the 5-steps of this process are, (1) Part condition, vehicle options and interchange are confirmed when inventorying, (2) Dismantler checks to make sure the part meets OE performance standards and then verifies the part ID to application, (3) Parts are checked again for flaws before being cleaned and imaged, (4) Every part’s condition is confirmed before being put in storage and, (5) Shipping and receiving inspects and images every part before packaging to make sure it is as described and verifies that part requested is the part that ships.

Located just 20 minutes south of downtown Chicago, ABC Auto Parts is considered one of the largest automotive recycling companies in the state of Illinois. Their business has long been recognized as an industry leader in automotive recycling.



Northwest Auto Parts

Northwest Auto Parts in Anchorage, Alaska

Northwest Auto Parts, founded in 1955, was purchased in 1981 by Chuck Ossenkop. Unlike many automotive recycling business histories, Ossenkop had not been raised within a family recycling business; instead, he purchased this relatively small facility as a potentially promising opportunity to develop his own business.

In time, Ossenkop’s three sons joined with the company, making it a true family, full-service business which boasts state-of-the-art equipment, processing approximately 850 late model vehicles per year. Their facility is considered the leading “green” auto parts supplier in Alaska.

To secure future facility needs, the business has more recently purchased a one-acre lot and 6,500-square-foot building contiguous to their 15-acre property, completed an arduous process of re-zoning 5 acres of land contiguous to their property, and built a 2,400-square-foot building for engine storage.

Additionally, Northwest has continued to develop their core sales program with the help of the URG’s Reman Program. (In previous years, this was a profit center they struggled to find markets for due to our geographic location.) They are also exploring eBay sales by developing a program and assigning a dedicated employee to that effort.

The Ossenkop family is strongly committed to excellence and has achieved the highest environmental certification levels. They are also proud to be active community members involved in numerous local charitable associations.

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Carolina Salvage in Rock Hill, SC

Carolina Salvage, located in Rock Hill, SC, brings the knowledge and expertise of three generations of auto recycling experience to their customers and fellow recyclers. Since 1931, the Morris family has been a leader in automotive recycling services in South Carolina and the local region.

Owner, Neil Morris, is at the helm of the ever-expanding, full-service 37-acre facility, which is located 20 miles south of Charlotte, NC. Carolina further includes a scrap metal recycling business and a state-of-the-art U-Pull-It location.

Neil Morris was initially a silent partner at the facility; however, his business partner passed away unexpectedly in 2014 and Neil then made the decision to step in to lead the day-to-day operations.

John Grant, Carolina’s general manager since 2013a��as well as Neil’s childhood frienda��also brought a great wealth of experience, having worked many years in the collision repair industry. John is credited with streamlining many processes and procedures at Carolina, while at the same time, implementing greater efficiency throughout the organization.

Both have been strongly committed to updating and upgrading their entire operation at every level. Over the past three years, the average age of vehicles purchased has steadily been upgraded from about 14 years old to just over 9.5, and the number of vehicles purchased for parts sales has also increased.

Their four-step Quality Control procedures insure that parts are thoroughly checked prior to actual shipping. Great care is taken to follow industry best practices, providing high-quality parts at competitive pricing. The net result is greater acceptance of their parts in their market with steady revenue increases, and the share of wholesale sales increasing from about 60% to over 70% now.

Carolina nurtures a true culture of professionalism in which all employees work together harmoniously as a team. Each person is cross-trained and, therefore, knowledgeable about each aspect of their business, and this approach assists in improving part quality and service. They have also strengthened the experience of their staff by adding James McManus in sales with 35 years’ experience in auto recycling and Todd Bangert with over 20 years’ experience in administration and finance.

Having joined Team PRP, Carolina now is a full participant in the Team PRP trailer program, placing them within one-day of the core of Team PRP’s Mid-Atlantic members. The shipping/receiving area utilizes the latest technology to expedite incoming and outgoing packages. The final of the four-step quality assurance program is a final quality check in shipping and receiving to ensure that parts going out meet strict quality criteria.

The sales team consists of a sales manager and five salesmen, all of whom are knowledgeable in used auto and truck parts sales. In fact, every salesperson receives ongoing, bi-annual offsite training with Mike Kunkel and Bill Stevens of Profit Team

Involvement with a Counts Consulting group has been an integral part of their flourishing business. “Carolina Salvage has undergone a lot of changes over the last few years,” commented Chad Counts, consultant and co-owner of Counts Consulting. “They have been working very hard to overhaul the staff and the processes to prepare themselves to be of greater benefit to the Team PRP network, as well as to take advantage of the benefits afforded by Team PRP.”

Carolina Salvage is a member of ARA, the Carolina Auto Recyclers Association (CAR), URG, and iPART (a southern-based parts trading group).

Even though Carolina has been a member of Team PRP for only a couple of months, they benefit from years of trading with fellow Team PRP members, and new relationships are helping improve trade between them and the rest of Team PRP. Here are some comments from fellow Team PRP members:

Carolina Salvage has come a long way toward becoming a force with in our industry. They are founding and active member of IPART (Independent Professional Auto Recycling Team), a localized trading group. That being said, they understand the concept and advantages of doing business with in a trading group. They have a seasoned sales staff and their parts arrive on time and in the condition expected. Any issues that may arise from our day-to-day dealings are easily and professionally handled. Overall, doing business with Carolina Salvage has been a positive experience. – Dale Bevell, President, Wayne Auto Salvage, Inc.

Carolina Salvage has been a great addition to PRP. They have great communication and process orders in a timely manner!
– Andrew Maziasz, Knox Auto Parts

Carolina Salvage has been really helpful and nice. Every time I call, they are always professional…. They also have good prices and are willing to work with me if I need to adjust the price on a part. When I hit them up with repair time, they are quick on emailing creditsa��they are just ready to move forward. Great people and great company! – Alex Velasquez, Knox Auto Parts

I think they have turned the business around 100% over the past 3 years. They are good guys doing all the right things. They will be a great benefit to Team PRP. – Don Gravely, Gravely Auto Parts


Metro Auto Salvage, Inc Cloud mining v12.1.1 in – Reliably

Metro Auto Salvage, Inc in Lakeville, MN

Owners: Rick Lemke

How many acres do you occupy? Eight acres with a 24,240-square-foot warehouse

Number of vehicles process annually: N/A

Number of dismantling bays: N/A

Number of employees: 15

Company history: Family-owned business since 1973

How long have you been a Team PRP member? N/A

Industry affiliations: URG, ARA, ARM and AASP

What’s special about your company? Metro specializes in late model cars, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, 4x4s, and trucks


YouTube Video: Check out our company video.

Pete's Auto & Truck Parts, Inc

Pete’s Auto & Truck Parts, Inc in Jenison, MI

Owners: Amber Kendrick

How many acres do you occupy? 8 acres for main site; 1 acre for sales office and warehouses. (The original building from the 1950s is now a dismantling operation with 2 bays. Our office/shipping and receiving building, and another dismantling building with 4 bays, are at the main location. Across the street and around the corner is where 4 of our 5 salespeople have their offices, and we have 3 warehouses.)

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 2400

Number of dismantling bays: 6

Buy cloud mining contracts windows – Reliably Number of employees: Salesa��5 (soon to be 6); Productiona��6 dismantlers, 1 loader operator, 1 crusher, 1 wh stocker, 2 parts pullers, 5 shippers; Othera��4 delivery drivers, 3.5 managers, 1 inventory, 1.5 purchasing, 2 office, and 1 Pete Elenbaas, head of common sense, weed killing, copper harvesting and extraordinary projects

Company history: Third generation business, started in 1956.

How long have you been a Team PRP member? Nine years. We were in the original “Midwest Automotive Group” that started the runner service in Michigan/Illinois/Ohio/Kentucky. Then Pete’s helped create the “Heartland PRP” group, which was eventually folded into the larger regional group.

Industry affiliations: ARA, Auto Recyclers of Michigan

What’s special about your company? At Pete’s, our incredible team is what sets us apart. We have a great mix of experienced veterans and fresh new perspectives! Valuing each and every position in our company, we seek out people that are a great fit for their specific job and love what they do. Our four-person management team is very closea��we each run our own departments, but converge for weekly meetings to set goals and evaluate performance. Pete’s has been a “supply” yard for decades; our best customers are recyclers and we treat them that way. We strive to keep yard lead times at 4 hours or less, and dismantle at 24 hours or less, so we can pull parts quickly and get them on the runner or other trucks quicklya��time is money!


Benzeen Auto Parts

Benzeen Auto Parts in Rancho Cordova, CA

Owners: George Trunyan, CEO

How many acres do you occupy? Approximately 2.5 acres including yard and office space.

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately Approximately “450 and counting!”

Number of dismantling bays: 5

Number of employees: Dogecoin mining cloud servers hd – Profitable 7 in Sales; 19 in Production; Delivery drivers/othersa��coming soon

Company history: Business started in 2010

How long have you been a Team PRP member? Just over one year as of December 2015

Industry affiliations: BBB (Accredited with A+ Rating); ARA; State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA); URG

What’s special about your company?“We have excelled in the auto parts category for many years now, but we haven’t limited ourselves to just that. Benzeen Auto Parts, formerly TLS, focuses on customer service and quality OEM parts with the same priority. This is just one of many things that differentiate us from the rest of the industry. We have expanded to offer parts for BMW, MERCEDES-BENZ, AUDI, LAND ROVER, PORSCHE, TOYOTA AND LEXUS, making Benzeen more than just a new name…. We are constantly finding new ways to provide our customers with more, which is what makes us stand out from the rest of the industry.”


United Auto Recyclers

United Auto Recyclers in Omaha, Nebraska

Owners: David and Anne Hansen

How many acres do you occupy? 24 acres a�� United Auto has 8 warehouse with over 50,000 square feet of part storage and over 1,500 cars in stock at all times.

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 2,900

Number of dismantling bays: 10

Number of employees: 11 in Sales; 21 in Production; 10 Delivery drivers/others

Company history: Second generation business started in 1977

Cloud mining review 2017 and – Profitable How long have you been a Team PRP member? About 20 years

Industry affiliations: URG, ARA, ARI-NE

What’s special about your company?“United Auto Recyclers has been family owned and operated since 1977. We our continuously changing our facilities and processes to meet the industry’s ever changing needs. Our goal is to process more vehicles and quality parts efficiently to meet our customers’ needs in a timely fashion.”