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Pete's Auto & Truck Parts, Inc

Pete’s Auto & Truck Parts, Inc in Jenison, MI

Owners: Amber Kendrick

How many acres do you occupy? 8 acres for main site; 1 acre for sales office and warehouses. (The original building from the 1950s is now a dismantling operation with 2 bays. Our office/shipping and receiving building, and another dismantling building with 4 bays, are at the main location. Across the street and around the corner is where 4 of our 5 salespeople have their offices, and we have 3 warehouses.)

Number of vehicles process annually: Approximately 2400

Number of dismantling bays: 6

Buy cloud mining contracts windows – Reliably Number of employees: Salesa��5 (soon to be 6); Productiona��6 dismantlers, 1 loader operator, 1 crusher, 1 wh stocker, 2 parts pullers, 5 shippers; Othera��4 delivery drivers, 3.5 managers, 1 inventory, 1.5 purchasing, 2 office, and 1 Pete Elenbaas, head of common sense, weed killing, copper harvesting and extraordinary projects

Company history: Third generation business, started in 1956.

How long have you been a Team PRP member? Nine years. We were in the original “Midwest Automotive Group” that started the runner service in Michigan/Illinois/Ohio/Kentucky. Then Pete’s helped create the “Heartland PRP” group, which was eventually folded into the larger regional group.

Industry affiliations: ARA, Auto Recyclers of Michigan

What’s special about your company? At Pete’s, our incredible team is what sets us apart. We have a great mix of experienced veterans and fresh new perspectives! Valuing each and every position in our company, we seek out people that are a great fit for their specific job and love what they do. Our four-person management team is very closea��we each run our own departments, but converge for weekly meetings to set goals and evaluate performance. Pete’s has been a “supply” yard for decades; our best customers are recyclers and we treat them that way. We strive to keep yard lead times at 4 hours or less, and dismantle at 24 hours or less, so we can pull parts quickly and get them on the runner or other trucks quicklya��time is money!