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Re-Think Re-Cycled!!

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Team PRP Environmental Impact

Why Re-Think Re-Cycled?

Many people do not understand what true automotive recyclers actually do. They see the old junkyard and automatically categorize all vehicle recycling facilities under the same old stigma. Re-Think Re-Cycled was developed to encourage people to Re-Consider what they believe about automotive recycling and through education, come to an understanding of its environmental importance. The effects of how vehicles are disposed of can be seen in our land, water, and air quality. Every day is Earth Day for Team PRP automotive recyclers!

Handling End Of Life Vehicles

Did you know that cars are the number one recycled product in the U.S.? Recycling saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil (normally used in new parts manufacturing). Recycling steel reduces air pollution by 86%, water use by 40%, and water pollution by 97%. Batteries, refrigerants, fluids, aluminum, and mercury switches are always safely disposed of and/or recycled accordingly by accredited recycling facilities.

With more than 5.4 million recycled parts in inventory on any given day, Team PRP is proud to say? It’s time to Re-Think Re-Cycled!

Ethical Vehicle Disposal

Team PRP members use the industry’s best standards in acquiring, evaluating, dismantling and disposing of the end of life and total loss vehicles. Our partners have developed and implemented best in class standards that ensure damaged and discarded vehicles are being handled with the best ethical and environmentally prudent practices.

This is important because over 11 million vehicles are taken off the road in the US each year and need to be processed and recycled properly.

Our inventories are acquired through several methods and sources, but the primary source is salvage auctions with most vehicles being supplied by the insurance industry. These vehicles have been determined as economically or structurally incapable of being returned to a safe or reliable operating condition.

Re-Think Re-Cycled! Reduce, reuse and recycle is what we do every day!

Why Team PRP?

Team PRP members are committed to clean and green industry best practices. Each and every member is certified by their state and/or national associations minimizing hazardous pollutants in our air, land, and precious water. We provide recycled parts to all major insurers in the United States and all major body shops. Our members purchase and recycle nearly 50,000 wrecked vehicles per year.

What Happens To My Crashed Car?

When vehicles are in an accident, the insurance company sends the vehicle to an auto auction for sale. Automotive recyclers purchase these vehicles according to their individual market needs suggested by their internal yard management systems (YMS).

How Can A Recycler Make A Difference For The Environment?

When a vehicle arrives at the automotive recyclers location, the vehicle is then inspected for inventory where the quality parts are entered into the YMS. The vehicle is then processed; refrigerants and fluids such as gas, oil, and coolants are properly drained and recycled, desired parts are pulled and stocked on shelves, batteries are tested for resale or sent to a battery recycler, and the remaining hull placed in the lot. Vehicles that are not properly disposed of by a certified auto recycler can leak hazardous fluids into our land and water. In Michigan, recyclers remove mercury switches from vehicles to ensure that the mercury does not reach our environment.

What Can I Do To Support Automotive Recycling? How Can I Help?

Everyone can do their part in helping our environment, and here are a couple of examples:

  • When you have a vehicle that you no longer need or has been totaled in an accident, call your local Team PRP member, we can help!
  • If your vehicle is damaged either body panel or mechanically, call your local Team PRP member for parts and save green. Recycled parts are not only good for the environment but also your wallet; recycled parts typically cost 50% less than New OEM parts.
  • Tell your friends! We live in a social world where good news and bad travel fast. Help us get the word out about automotive recycling and remember to Re-Think Re-Cycled!

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