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arizonaautoArizona Auto Parts started in 1919 in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, where the parts company also included a technical school for aspiring vehicle mechanics. In 1954, they relocated to their current location and have remained there for the past 60 years.

Owned by the Pierson Family, Arizona Auto Parts is now under the leadership of the 4th generation. Mike Pierson and Ken Hardison handle the day-to-day operations but could not do it without the many dedicated employees, most of whom have been employees for over 10 years.

Arizona Auto has grown from its single auto recycling facility to include the late model full-service facility, a stand-alone auto repair center, 3 self-serve locations, and a scrap metal company. They still train aspiring mechanics . . . and parts pullers and salesmen!

Staying armed with the best yard management system, peer groups, and ARA, URG and Team PRP training, Arizona Auto has continued to grow at a steady pace. The full-Serve Arizona Auto Parts has 32 employees and processes over 150 vehicles per month.

Arizona Auto Parts is committed to employing great people, buying great inventory, and taking care of their great customers. Team PRP standards and best practices are trained on a weekly basis at Arizona Auto. Tuesdays before work, the sales team meets; Thursdays it is the production teama��s turn. We have seen an increase in consumer confidence as we strive to meet the high standards that come with delivering Premium Recycled Parts.

They are further committed to protecting the environment. Besides all the green benefits of auto recycling, Arizona Auto Parts has participated in a green initiative that is helped by living where the sun always shines. In 2010, Arizona Auto installed 500 solar panels on the warehouse roofs. The Arizona sun now drives our power bills down to well under $100 per month.

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